mercredi, décembre 26, 2012

Andrea's story

About a month ago, my editor and I were talking Christmas stories. Frankly, after a while, searching for unusual ones is a challenge.

 I asked him if I could try to find someone who has grappled with something like the loss of a family member or a job, and still come out with faith, determined to celebrate Christmas with a "bigger-picture" point of view (something I'm not sure I'd have if I had these major losses).

After calling a few churches, I almost gave up. Then a very nice administrator at Victory Church connected me with...Andrea and Jimmy.

Frankly, I was humbled to be able to tell her story. But when you read it , think of the thousands of women who are struggling with a breast cancer diasgnosis, and continue to fight to get healthy. Think of their family members, by their side all the way -- and their own battle to remain optimistic as they watch their wives, sisters and girlfriends go through radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

You might want to reach over and give someone a hug...or say a prayer. And keep Andrea and Jimmy in your prayers, too, please, while you are at it.

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