samedi, mai 05, 2012

For now...

As I wrap up my Mormon series (for now) I take a look back at what I did -- and what I could have done better.

There were times, to be candid, when I felt like I was writing in the middle of a huge wind tunnel, being swept too and fro by the strong feelings LDS practice and theology provoke among denomination members and critics.

As with my series on pagans, I will continue to want to examine denominations and people who integrate and blend strands of American history in ways the reflect our fascinating spiritual and political ancestry. The fact is that we all do -- the Episcopal Church, for example, continues to be a rebellious stepchild of Anglican relatives (and let's not even speak of the Aussies). 

I'm eager to move on, at least for now, to less fraught territory. 

But I'm pretty sure I'll be back.

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