lundi, mars 12, 2012

When "naughty" isn't nice

I first learned that the word "naughty" had sexual connotations a few years ago from an acquaintance of mine high up in the entertainment industry (and no, I'm not talking adult entertainment).

His activities, including the dressing up at a Catholic priest variety, could safely be described as naughty.

Yes, I found them a bit offensive. But even more than offensive, I found them silly. Maybe I've seen too many priests to get a charge out of guys wearing black shirts and white collars.

I've even dressed up as a priest myself.

As I heard more about alternative lifestyles, I began to understand that "naughty" covered a lot of territory, from kink like bondage to other things I will not describe to spare the sensibililties of my readers.

And what I began to realize was that the word "naughty" was a cover ( pretty funny when you think about it, as uncovering things is so much a part of the lifestyle.)

The word reduces adult choices, and adult aftermaths, to something a child might do on a playground.

This became apparent to me when guys would write me and say that they had "naughty" streaks (which usually seemed to mean that they were a bit consumed with anatomy).

What they do with their private time is their own business. I had no wish for it to become mine....

But it really began to tick me off when married men would describe themselves as seeking women for "naughty" activities.

There's another word for that, losers.

The kink world is welcome to use the word to describe what they do -- not that I could stop them, anyway.

But I'm going to continue to save it for times when I want to cause a little trouble (usually linguistically) and be able to take the consequences -- like a woman.

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