mercredi, février 29, 2012

Yoga, sex and the predictable backlash

NYT science writer William Broad has been so helpful in illuminating some of the quirkier, not to say some of the more dangerous sides of this very popular discipline.

On the whole, however, he's very positive about it.

In this latest article, he unveils some of the origins of yoga -- as a Tantric sex cult.

Heard your teacher talk about THAT recently? I doubt it.

Most of my yoga teachers have been very grounded.

But some of them spout New Age nonsense, including soothing bromides about self-actualization, being your own best friend, world peace.

None of them has mentioned the "benefits" of making your yoga teacher your special friend. Apparently that happens more than one would like to think.

Fascinating -- and enlightening, though perhaps not in the way that one thinks as one sets down a mat, and prepares to err, practice.

UPDATE: There has been predictable outrage on the part of some members of the yoga community. They are entitled to their point of view, but it always amazes me how reason goes out the window when sacred cows are tickled.

Read the reverb rant and judge for yourself.

As I recall, on an NPR interview I heard a while back, Broad (a practitioner himself) said that he had been threatened by some commenters.

No surprises there, I'm afraid. But kind of ironic.

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