vendredi, janvier 13, 2012

My forbidden subject

There's a topic you won't see a lot of in my blog.

I don't write many posts about politics.

I used to write more.

Going back a few years, I'll see posts about Supreme Court decisions and other actions that piqued my fascination or fury.

But now our country is even more polarized that it was five or six years ago andI worry that it might be too divisive for some of my readers.

It's not that I don't have feelings and opinions.

I'll throw something up on Facebook if it's an article that catches my interest -- and though it's usually from someone in the mainstream media (that itself is a mark of socialism to some), it generally doesn't overtly reflect someone's bias.

First of all, I worry about offending someone.

Secondly, I worry that I'll get into a spitting contest with someone -- bad enough in person, it can be much worse online.

So I talk to my friends, mostly other journalists -- the ones I know will understand my passions, whether they be conservative, libertarian, liberal, or a mix of all.

Recently I've been in turmoil about the way the Israelis used our passports for targeted murders.

Who is killing Iranian scientists now? I talk to a FB friend about that out of public view.

These are hot potatoes, and I don't want to add to the foolishness online by continually venting about them -- unless, of course, I've checked my facts.

Unless I know I can back them up.

There are plenty of well-informed bloggers and Facebook posters -- one of them is my friend Christopher in North Carolina. Watching him respond to posters, you know that, most of the time, he's done his homework. I don't always agree, but I do respect his opinions.

As a creature of congenital moderation, I'm not always sure that I want to voice strong political opinions online.

So mostly I stick to family issues, religion, and dating.

You can make some sense of them.

Wait...did I just say that?

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