vendredi, septembre 23, 2011

Don't call me Al

How the heck does this make sense? How can the death penalty be pro-life? Talk about pretzel logic. Sadly, that is what we can expect from those who beat the "pro-life" drum, but have to find ways to justify their support for the death penalty.

Catholics (some) are consistently "pro-life" -- they don't draw a line in the sand when someone is born, or even does something hateful. One can debate a position that has some internal logic -- it's hard to argue with those who sport with reason.

And then there is Texas Governor Rick Perry, representing all those who applaud when they hear another person has been executed. We really want HIS hand on the trigger (hasn't he had enough of that)?

The only good thing is that he might not be smart enough to find the trigger....

Now this is good stuff...from a purely secular point of view. I think Dow might be right...we won't abandon capital punishment until Americans believe that the death penalty is an obscene waste, and that it's wrong for the state to kill.

This is a very disconnected post. It's how I feel, torn in a million directions, yet caught up in the world's affairs. Maybe it's o.k. to be here right now...would that I could figure out where "here" is.

May that day come fast.

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