vendredi, août 19, 2011

What to wear the first time

My house is a total mess.

In fact, it's barely a house right now. I can glide through it without opening a door, walk though walls because there are no walls.

My clothes sit downstairs on racks, crammed together like the basement was a giant thrift shop, and I was the only buyer.

The number of dresses I have exposes me as a clotheshorse. One of the contractors, who is building me a closet, decided he had to make it bigger (boy, did THAT sound privileged).

But that's a rabbit trail. The fact is, I needed to find something I could wear tonight, for a first date.

Usually I'd make the female calculation.

Nothing too theatrical. That gets saved for particular evening events.

Above the knee? A little decolletage? Nix on that.

I don't want to appear too sexy. Besides, he might be a Republican.

Pants or a long skirt? I don't want to seem like I just left the convent. Although, come to think about it...

We're going to an upscale tavern in the West Chester area. A night at the Philadelphia Opera it ain't.

Viewing my collection with dismay, I ditch the calculator. Do guys even worry about what they put on before a date? Or is deodorant and a sports shirt enough to make them feel confident?

The black dress will have to do. It's the only one I can find right now!

Grabbing it, I put it aside for the evening. Now, if I can only find my mascara....

What do YOU wear on a first date?

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

Long live the LBD - or skirt/blouse equivalent. Let's hear it for Coco Chanel!