samedi, juillet 30, 2011

Is his (potential) kiss on "my list"?

I'm beginning to wonder what it is that I'm looking for.

Here's what I thought helped a guy "make the cut."

I wanted a guy who was well-educated, who had a cosmopolitan perspective. No, not a Cosmo attitude (although a bit of boldness now and again probably wouldn't hurt).

But someone who digs deep inside the stories, someone who cares about what's going on in the world, and someone who can debate without getting irate could be pretty cool.

I don't do well with a man who thinks in bumper stickers. I guess if you are quoting Sophocles or some Stoic, perhaps you can sound intelligent with a snippet -- but sometimes that's all we HAVE of those old dudes! Read the book, not the aphorism.

Emotional intelligence -- that's a good thing.

A fit body or an interest in becoming fit -- important.

Someone with a meaningful job -- I can't figure out why so many people my age are retiring. Fie on that.

Thanks, but I can leave the Harley, the yard sales and vast swaths of the Jersey beaches to others.

I also don't care about how much money he makes. Wealth doesn't impress me.

Part of my dilemma is that I worry about hurting the guys I am meeting who do want to see me again.

How can they feel a spark without it warming me?

Boy, it is way possible that I am over-thinking this.

I look at my list of "prerequisites", and think -- what the heck?

If there's a spark, will I care about all these "qualifications?" What if he drags me to a neighbor's yard sale, or a meeting of the royal order of Harley owners now and again? Will I be this fussy?

What if we go to WILDWOOD? Will I insist on Cape May Point?

Or maybe I should venture way out of my comfort zone -- the significantly younger (more than ten years) or the high school graduate or the conservative Republican.

Actually, I've got a few Republicans on my list. I met one today. And I think I want to put off meeting the others until after August 2. There is almost nothing they could do right now to convince me they are right.

Or maybe I'm just a sore loser.

More guys this week. It doesn't work if they ask you out for coffee and you find a reason to be a home reading a novel.

In the meantime, I'll just appreciate the hot 39-year-old fitness guy who viewed my profile today -- and told me I had a great body.

I told him he had done his good deed for the day -- and he emailed back "lol."

Ah, the generation gap. Good thing I'm too old for him -- texting in bed would get awfully tedious after a while.


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