vendredi, avril 16, 2010

Want standing room only? Hire a prostitute

In between reading thrilling (in a sick way) chapters of Lewis's"The Big Short" I've been digging into a book of snapshots of our national heritage.

Called "One-night Stands with American History" the volume strings together fascinating snippets on such topics as the Puritans, the Civil War, and David Rice Atchinson, (debatedly) President of the United States for one day.

So now and again, I'm going to share with my readers some of the data that I find compelling, funny or just strange.

If you don't like Americana, skip on to another post about faith, science, children and my inept research on why men and women commit adultery.

On the topic of plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, here's a way that nineteenth-century promoters filled their theatres -- they gave away free tickets to the ladies of the evening. When prostitutes were in the upper galleries, paying customers would follow. Back staircases were built into the theater for those customers.

Often they would leave before the third act.

Just to be clear, that means the end of the play.

So is it so shocking the so called respectable folk of the nineteenth century (and lots of clergy) didn't like the theater?

Would you have seen the show?

Not THAT show.

The one on stage.

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