vendredi, avril 16, 2010

Big news on the money front

If you have any interest in understanding how a group of Wall Street bankers impelled our economy and lots of us into financial ruin, you need to read "The Big Short" -- which is about how a few eccentrics bet against the derivative market, and made millions.

Ooops. Many of those guys made billions.

But in the meantime, here's some good news from the SEC -- it's suing Goldman Sachs. The grounds?


If I could, I'd put these jerks away for 50 years or so. As you know, what speculators and Wall Street bankers (not all bankers) did to this country makes me furious. And though I'm no finance geek, I have a better working understanding of the derivative market than I do of the adultery marketplace.

YEAH! Maybe a little justice will be done here.

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dadshouse a dit…

There's a Lewis Lapham piece in Harper's this month about Tiger Woods, and how strange it is that American's are more outraged by that than they are by the Bank Fraud Wall Street MESS.