jeudi, avril 01, 2010

The political IS personal -- or is it? PT I

My daughter and I just returned from two great days in Washington, D.C. It was such a blast because of the generosity of a friend I hadn't met before Tuesday, Mollie.

Ms. Mollie and her husband Mark made me and the DQ feel so incredibly at home so fast. By the time we left this morning, I felt like I'd known her for years -- which just disproves my usual skepticism about virtual friendships.

She and I had worked on the same blog for a year -- and hit it off pretty fast. But you never really know whether you will truly feel at home with someone until you meet up with them, preferably in their normal habitat.

We don't agree on everything, politically speaking. Both of us, in our way, are used to being outlyers when it comes to our place on the religious and political spectrum. And we are both, if I may say so, a bit quirky.

There's a wonderful, refreshing honesty about her (I'm only getting to know Mark a tiny bit) that is winsome.

And apparently that's not solely my perspective -- she's a hit with college students, who can pretty much see through any kind of B.S. one can dish out.

Not to mention that the DQ and Mark and Mollie's dear 2 year old hit it off immediately. Amazing how a toddler can break through that gloss of teenage boredom. the political personal? Not when there are other shared traits and beliefs...or when you don't allow it to be.

Maybe we need to start giving seminars to the big boys and girls who live on Capitol Hill.

It's elementary, my dear Harry.

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

I love it. Why must politics or religion always be divisive?

You prove the point. And yes - the big boys and big girls need to give it a shot, too.