mardi, avril 06, 2010

Hacked on

Slowly I'm beginning to get back into normal life.

I hope that laypeople in congregations experience resurrection life and not exhaustion. I think there really hasn't yet been time to experience renewal -- but I am loving rebirth of flowers and the green grass starting to cover the scars caused by the digging in my front yard. For the new septic system that turned out not to be needed.

Adding chaos to Holy Week weekend, I got hacked by a spammer who somehow picked up my AOL address and sent Viagra websites to 100 of my best friends. Yes, I know this is bad, and I feel guilty about it. More so because I don't tend to download strange attachments, and I fear that this virus may be in an email itself.

Actually, I was surpised by how many people actually opened the hyperlink, and how many assumed I was spamming them! Sweet, eh?

But much of a pain as this is, it's elicited responses both funny and a wee bit poignant. Like this one, from an older friend;

"Lovely to hear from you. I would suggest that the message would have been more pertinent had it been sent on April 1, as that sort of thing is ancient history in this household. Thanks anyway and thanks for the memory."

This response says so much in a couple of lines. Genteel, wry, realistic, it is of another age, truly. Thank goodness we still have elders who don't feel they need to let it all hang out.

Maybe we still have time to learn something from them.

In the meantime, if you are looking for Viagra, don't take my recommendation. Find your own sites.

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dadshouse a dit…

Another friend of mine on AOL was hacked by the same spammer. I'm guessing the spammer got into AOL, and maybe hadn't targeted you.