mercredi, mars 10, 2010

Why I'm not poly

So I noticed that this poly guy on an online dating site has made me one of his "favorites."

I am curious. I check him out.

He's a little younger than me. A little chubbier. The picture may have been taken at a party, since he seems to be wearing a pirate hat.

All in all, he looks pretty normal for a middle-aged gent. I wonder if he will contact me, and if so, on what basis. I've already told any would be swains that I don't do sex parties or threesomes. And yes, I've been asked.

But I although I know the poly fellow and I could have an interesting chat, I rarely talk to guys who are so far beyond my own little lines anymore. We just don't have enough in common. Sure they are fascinating -- but I'm not writing a novel.

Why am I not poly? Well, if it's not obvous, check back here later today or tomorrow, and I'll tell ya.

4 commentaires:

BigLittleWolf a dit…

OMG. Am I so far out of the loop that I've missed some critical lingo? Poly? Pol(l)yanna? Polygluttonous? (Roly-)Poly?

Please (seriously). Enlighten me. If I ask the testosterone teens they'll either send me to, or just guffaw in my face. (Polyamorous? Is that a real thing?)

I'll just sink under the covers now, type in the dark on my limping laptop, and channel Emily Dickinson.

Offcenter a dit…

Yes, polyamorous is a very real lifestyle. Women and men who practice polyamory believe that they have more love to give, outside of a monogamous relationship. Sometimes it's not sexual, but more often probably it is.

Hang out on OKCupid for a while, and you might meet some polys.

That is, when you come out from under the covers.

norman pease a dit…

why not write a novel?

BigLittleWolf a dit…

Oh - too funny! Thank you for clarifying. I'll come out from under the covers in a year or two. When I think I can handle a coffee date again. Just. One. At. A. Time.