dimanche, décembre 27, 2009

Is this thin ice?

I wonder what it would feel like to float gently in the superficial? Christmas parties, a round of stories and sermons to write, the endless round of clean up after boxes and food tend to induce some shallowness.

Would I skip the war articles and rush to the fashion pages of the New York Times? Would I read the Times at all?

Perhaps the folks who do that aren't shallow so much as pragmatic.

Or maybe I'm just a bit frazzled. As an introvert, I'm like a child when they are overstimulated. I want to cry, or nap. A broken computer (my normal one isn't working) seems like a big obstacle to reasonable thought.

Are you going to the UL New Years open house, asked someone today. We stood in the midst of upper middle class chatter by a table crammed with good food. We see him and his wife, my old friend, every year at the Philadelphia club. I'm not sure, I told him. It was a tradition, but the ex doesn't want to go anymore. The DQ and I might go, I said.

This week off of school is getting very busy, and I'm not sure how I feel about not having time to be pensive -- so I think I'll wait and think about it.

One think centers me in Christmastide -- lying on the sofa, watching the lights glow and blink as the vented air caresses them.

What about you? Do you ever want to think less and do more? Or is thinking a sort of doing?

Blessed are those who have discovered balance.

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

"Think less and do more." That one made me smile. Theoretically, I'd like to do more and not think less, but think differently.

Then there's reality, and understanding - slowly - at last - that for right now I probably can't do either.

I love looking at the lights in the quiet as well. And breathing the aroma of the tree and other greenery. Peaceful. Connective.