jeudi, décembre 31, 2009

Bidding 2009 a graceful adieu

A first in 2009 and one I hope to not experience in 2010 ...being threatened with a lawsuit by someone's angry wife.

And NO, it's not what you think, people.

Anyway, here are some wishes for all of us:

That we'd stop hurting innocent kids because, both locally and globally, adults cant navigate our difference...

That we'd be more respectful of those differences.

Care more about this beautiful pendant globe

Help our neighbors be their better selves, and let them reach us.

Be a little wilder (you know who you are).

Be a little tamer (and you know who you are, too).

Live with a disciplined passion.

Dear peeps and tweeps, new adapters, slow adapters, and noncomformists, may this year ahead be filled with graces.

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BigLittleWolf a dit…

And for you, as well, a wonderful new year...