mardi, novembre 10, 2009

The left hand talks about the right

I'm wasn't sure I should write about this particular topic. But I'm going to, in spite of my feelings, because it seems to me to serve a larger point. And shouldn't those big points always be served (grin?)

When I tell you why, I think you'll see why the ambivalence.

I got to be a minor philathropist this morning. It was a huge kick. Let me race down a rabbit trail for a minute, and I'll tell you why. Maybe you've had the same experience.

As Jesus and the Judeo-Christian tradition put it, you aren't supposed to let the right hand know what the other one is doing.

But you know what? I'm left-handed in a righthanded world. The road less traveled is the one I take pretty much every day, somedays just to piss someone off....

But even more important --I don't even feel like this money is really mine. It was my dads, the fruit of his frugality and a lucky house buy 40 years ago -- and so what I'm doing is simply giving a little away.

And the reason I'm telling you isn't about the money. It's about what I saw, the extent of the need, and what a little money can do to change a few kids lives. I hope. Oh, how I hope.

I'll get to that in my next post.

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