vendredi, juin 26, 2009

Sins of the mothers

I was wrong. I'm the Puritan on this venture into a fairyland of galleries, tshirts, gay chic and $13.00 burritos. It's "energetic" mom who forced her14 year old to walk the bridge between New Hope and Lambertville. I'm the one who insisted, after a breakfast of French toasted croissants (topped with orange slices that the DQ quickly handed over) that we walk on the D&O towpath.

What sort of mom would force her child, whose legs hurt and needed to go to the bathroom and was starving, to walk around a wildflower refuge? Oy.

I guess I didn't walk her through enough churches, palaces and ruins when she was a child.

And this is the (hopefully not final) result.

I'm fat, she moaned, in one of those endless teen litanies of physical disabilities apparently brought on by exercise. You aren't fat, you are slothful, I said, walking briskly through a gathering of Canada geese -- eager to get back to the inn for a well deserved nap.

2 commentaires:

norman.pease a dit…

Shopping/sightseeing in New Hope struck me as an odd choice given the volumns I know about you:)Have you been tempted to get a "tat"? The teen years are tough, especially for young women and their mothers. Don't flog yourself too much, but make sure the bodies needs are seen to before starting out. you know the DQ...the problem is at this stage, she'll change,daily. don't take it personally!:)

mompriest a dit…

Daughters....gotta love 'em even as they can be so, well, sooo, self-obssessed? Thankfully they do (usually) outgrow it...sounds like a delightful day to me...