jeudi, mai 28, 2009

Roadside fantasies

When you do know you are on overload? When you almost fall asleep on Route 100 more than once in a week.

I can hear my readers thinking -- well, why doesn't she get more sleep? Why doesn't she relax? Why doesn't she cut something out of her schedule?

I'd love to cut something out of my schedule, but that happens to be the second job that pays the bulk of my salary.

Even with schlepping kids to drama camp and fishing camp and DARC day camp, the summer will be slower. I am so counting the days. At least now I recall what it felt like to be a kid and have time seem to drag. Why does May have 31 days?

Enough complaining. I do appreciate those hours in which there are no looming deadlines, no board meetings to fit into my schedule, no hour-plus drives. One of the great things about being married, as I remember, was that someone was there to pick up the slack if you played out the rope and found you couldn't hang on anymore.

And I know that, compared to say, the Mexican guys who mow the lawns down on Chalfant Drive, I have it easy. But one can only live in that split consciousness for so long before the body cries for sleep, and the mind says....just a few miles before your driveway and home. And if you didn't have a kid whose bus needed to be met, you'd just pull off with the fishermen at the Lake and nap for a half an hour. So you slap yourself on the face, open your eyes as wide as you can, and drive.

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norman pease a dit…

these are the times when family and friends can help. Falling asleep behind the wheel is scary as hell. I fell asleep once on Rt309 to montgomeryville, rolled the car. Is there no one who can meet the bus? Someone else that can drop Mr.C or the DQ to their various activites occasionally? surely some carpooling could be arranged? why must you be the only resource? have you tried brief periods of meditation or yoga stretching before the rt. 100 drives?