samedi, mai 30, 2009


I'm learning a lot about keeping my hands open. I don't need to clutch the wheel all the time. And some things are worth abandoning, if they compromise your soul.

This song has been a real comfort to me today in the midst of some perhaps needed housecleaning. There are things I can't "fix" -- it's funny, I feel like the child of an alcoholic, but I wasn't. I think I've been successful in letting my kids know that they aren't responsible for their parent's foul ups, but I need to check. Just to be sure. God forbid they, too, should be that quick to repair what might not have been broken -- or might have already been so shaky that one swipe knocked it to the ground.

You lead me, to keep me from falling,
You carry me close to your heart
And surely, your goodness and mercy will follow me
All the way my Savior leads me...

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Gail Martin a dit…

Thanks for the post, Elizabeth.
Very nice start to the morning, listening to the song. I hope it continues to play in your heart today.