samedi, mars 14, 2009


At my gym, we usually have one TV muted to CNN, one tuned to FOX, and one to CNBC. For some reason, the ellipticals I normally use are in front of CNBC.

That last cable channel has never been a fav of mine--I find those endless flashing numbers very distracting. Add Jim Cramer to the numbers, and I find it almost impossible to focus--that guy would not be out of place as the fool at the court of some 16 century King.

Which is a shame, because Cramer's a smart guy. Comedy Central's Jon Stewart took Jim Cramer to the cleaners this week for being in bed with corporate America and for not doing enough to predict the economic collapse.

Cramer acted penitent. While he was on the show. See Allesandra Stanley's take on the dialogue linked above.

But it wasn't long before Cramer was back to his old quackery, according to this article from the ezine Salon.

Should Jon Stewart, who dissected Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala of CNN a while ago for doing their idiotic screaming and yelling routine, be the keeper of our national conscience? Probably not . But I'd rather be in bed, metaphorically (and, come to think of it, literally) with Jon Stewart and his moral compass than with Jim Cramer and his labile foolery anyday.

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