lundi, février 23, 2009

Simple love

I'm sitting here tonight, one ear cocked to the bedrooom where my son is lying, still awake, suffering from abdominal pain I can neither treat nor cure. It doesn't seem to be his appendix, but I'm not sure whether it's minor or needs a diagnosis and a I wait, and surf the internet for material on tummy pain, and wonder if I'll sleep tonight.

My love for him seems so direct, so simple, and profoundly frightening because it lives in the very core of my being. But I am discovering I crave directness, simplicity over drama and passion...I once thought it would be fun to be someone's mistress, to be that object of suppressed desire. But now I know that I want the love that dares to speak its name, that wants the sunlight, wants the domestic, is hungry for the small treasures of normal life.

I think about all this as I reflect on my day, and then I go back to check on one of the two people who has changed my adult life the most. God give me inspiration, please.

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