jeudi, février 26, 2009

Too much, too soon

I am thinking now that as well as letting some of us allow that old id to rip, email and messaging do expose some people's personalities. I'm not usually a bitch in everyday life-but I have my snarky online moments.

Then there is the barrage of revelations at the beginning of the dating exposure process. Email and messaging encourages that, too.

Going back and reading a few emails from many guys I'm looking for clues, cues that I might have missed.

I find a couple--what bothers me is that they are cloaked what appears to be a torrent of candor. When someone tells me too much, too soon, it may be a sign that they aren't telling me everything--or that they have online Tourettes. Virtual dialogue seems to bring that out in some folks, too, or cartoon something that's just beneath the surface.

Maybe sometimes a storm of words is just that...a storm of words. They appear on the horizon, inundate you for a minute, and then they are gone. If your relationship prospers, then you will hang on to them for years. If not, you will eventually press the "delete" button and allow them to fly into cyberspace, mostly forgotten.

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