mercredi, décembre 03, 2008

Another mom from hell

Who wouldn't like to see Lori Drew jailed for a few decades?

Drew was the mother who created a fictitious boy, "Josh Evans" to torment her fragile 13 year old neighbor, Megan Meier, on MySpace. A former friend of her daughter's, the girl hung herself after someone linked to Drew wrote her 'the world would be better off without you."

Sometimes I fantasize about whether I could, as a priest, visit people who had killed, or contributed to the death of a child.

I'd have a difficult time acting pastoral with Drew. I'd want to slap her around first -- guess I'd have to get past that, huh? From what I've seen and read, she strikes me as a reckless, petty, stupid woman. But should she have been tried for cyber-bullying?

In a recent piece in Slate Emily Bazelon argues that the conviction was a case of overreaching on the part of a Los Angeles D.A. --Missouri had already determined there was no crime. But is there a way of constructing a narrow statute for bullies when "the only weapon they wield is words?," asks Bazelon.

There might be a circle in hell for them, but I'm not sure whether there should be a prison cell. What do you think?

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