dimanche, novembre 02, 2008

Past midnight

Last night a colleague sent around an article from Politico that touched me to the core. I'll attach it to this post tomorrow. Going into the voting booth Tuesday and choosing forces me, and thousands of others, to sacrifice my belief in the sacredness of life.

Either way, both candidates, horrible choices. I remain a conflicted Democrat, but that may change after this election. Joining the hordes of independents doesn't solve the bigger problem, but it may make me feel a little cleaner, Pharisee that I am.

Obama hasn't given an inch to the anti-abortion people in his own party. The Democratic party platform remains a hymn to abortion rights.

With his iron self-control, he.s the guy who scares me more -- because I don't think we know what's behind the mask...and because he very well may win. At least you know where McCain is coming from -- which will scare me if he wins.

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