mercredi, novembre 05, 2008


Political compass aside -- and is it ever aside? I woke up still incredulous that our country had actually elected a black man as President.

First of all, my condolences to those who voted for John McCain for reasons of conscience -- and thanks for his gracious words of support for Obama last night.

Since I was a child, race has been a huge (if slightly less toxic) issue in the political arena.

And I'd be dumb to argue that it will stop being so -- there are too many older folks to whom it matters. But if on that ground alone, I'm so proud of our country today. The Europeans, who pride themselves on being so progressive, haven't done this yet.

I saw a video of conservative commentator Juan Williams tear up discussing the Obama victory - very touching.

What would the family who raised me have thought? My grandmother and great aunt, who raised us to believe people of all colors were created equal. So many marches for a dream.

My mother, who championed the right of all children to achieve. My dad, whose close and dear friend outlived him, the nation's foremost black historian.

Maybe my kids won't have to cope with a nation in which we continually evaluate others through the lens of their color. You can't call one President a trend. But we have a glimmer of hope today.

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