dimanche, octobre 05, 2008

Why not the guys?

Read this relatively short piece by Lisa Belkin (linked above) and think about what you would do if your spouse was offered a wonderful job in another state or country...or if you were offered one yourself.

She's got one amazing husband, was my first reaction.

I think she's right --- this chatter about what industry calls the "work-life balance" is a conversation mostly among women. It could have been one that I had with my friends.

Even though there is a lot more liberty to be a man and own up to ambivalence than there was 60 years ago, I'm guessing most guys don't open up with their buddies over a Guinness on a Friday or in the corner office at lunch.

I wish they did. I wish women didn't have to, or want to, turn themselves into emotional wrecks trying to make the perfect choice -- when there are only more or less good decisions. A relationship is so much stronger if both partners make the difficult calls together.

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