vendredi, octobre 10, 2008


I don't think folks are bringing up Charles Keating anymore -- after all, last week is so yesterday. But the McCain camp is running ads linking Obama to Bill Ayers. In case you've been in a country where there are no newspapers, Ayers is the former head of the Weather Undergound. Apparently, he's now teaching English at the University of Chicago in Illinois. A Distinguished Professor, Ayers has got to be a little bemused at all the publicity.

Somehow I sincerely doubt that his neighbors shun Ayers. I don't think that students refuse to take his courses. I'm guessing Ayers is a family guy (not like the TV show) and an excellent neighbor.

What's peculiar is that Obama and McCain are being blamed for hanging out with shady characters more than 10, and in McCain's case, 20 years ago! Obama committed no ethical infraction. McCain did some things that displayed poor judgement.

Can't we pardon them and get on with the business of electing the one who is now most able to help us back on the right track?

Bill Ayers isn't going to be a Cabinet Secretary and McCain isn't intervening in failing banks. Well, not yet, anyway. Who knows what kind of skills our next President will need? Maybe that Keating experience will come in handy!

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