mardi, octobre 21, 2008

What may be down the road

I'm linking to an opinion piece by Anne Applebaum of the WaPo. Applebaum makes a case that where there is financial instability, as in Iceland, political instability may follow.

That may not be awful in Iceland -- although one hopes there is not too much suffering. It is unlikely that the citizens of that country will turn on each other, or on their neighbors.

But what about destabilization in Russia? Or in Hungary?

What about the Ukraine and Poland, which border Russia?

Some of the best editorials are glorified common sense -- but they lead you down a path you might not have taken.

I'm not crazy about this one -- it's rather scary. But I am grateful to Ms. Applebaum for remind us that in this time of uncertainty we need to keep an eye on what's going on globally -- and have leaders who are ready to act should it become neccesary. Like it or not, this is, more than even an age of internationalism.

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