jeudi, octobre 23, 2008


Bill O' Reilley, hon, I got news for ya.

A guy who makes ten million a year on a station that leads in the category of cable news isn't an opposition rebel, persecuted by the mainstream media.

Your nightmare has come true: you ARE the mainstream media! But they pay you exceptionally well to act like a rebel.

That is what happens to rebels, particularly rich ones. All of a sudden they become the codgers, standing at the gates and hurling dead pigs at the barbarian hordes.

That means you, CNN's resident populist, Lou Dobbs. Time to stop taking yourself quite so seriously.

Revolutionaries get turned into bureaucrats. Look at what happened to the radicals of the sixties... now they teach at Chicago grad schools - and haunt Presidential candidates.

Now that you have proven yourselves as thorns in the flesh, isn't there something useful you can do with your lives?

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