samedi, août 23, 2008

Will you still call me Superman?

In the linked opinion piece, Kathleen Parker argues that abortion, more specifically his confusing votes and overthought answers, has become Barack Obama's "kryptonite."

I hope not.

I continue to be bugged by the sense that he's getting into hot water because he has what might in other circumstances be considered an asset-seeing gray where others see only black and white.

As Parker points out, however, his answers on the abortion question defy logic, not to mention integrity.

That is, and has always been, a central flaw in the Democrat's pro-choice position. The fact is that saying life begins at any point beyond conception and before birth is arbitrary and unscientific-purely a matter of personal opinion.

It's not "above your pay grade" to share your opinion on that matter, Mr. Obama. Perhaps its time for some gutsy Democrats to say that aborting a fetus is taking a life-but that the life of the expectant mother counts more. At least that position would have the advantage of acknowledging that these choices generally seem to tip the scales against the fetus, and for the mental or physical well-being of the mother.

That's not to say that McCain should get a pass on the way he responds to questions on hot button topics.

McCain seems rather shameless about taking stances that are the polar opposite of his previous one-recall the guy who was against the Bush tax cuts before he was for them?

If memory serves, he wasn't up front and center in the abortion debate, either-until he decided it was a matter of political expediency.

Few in the MSM seem to be dissecting McCain's answers to controversial questions (like his anti-tax stance and its implications) with the same alacrity that they are taking apart Obamas.

We seem to prefer someone who makes categorical statements to someone who isn't always quite sure what he thinks. Witness the last eight years.

Whether we want more of the same-or not-it would be nice to know that our candidates have not only the smarts to have thought through their positions, but the character to back them up-and to mean them.

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