dimanche, août 17, 2008

Laughing through our tears

"For all its eviscerations of the administration, “The Daily Show” is animated not by partisanship but by a deep mistrust of all ideology. A sane voice in a noisy red-blue echo chamber, Mr. Stewart displays an impatience with the platitudes of both the right and the left and a disdain for commentators who, as he made clear in a famous 2004 appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire,” parrot party-line talking points and engage in knee-jerk shouting matches. He has characterized Democrats as “at best Ewoks,” mocked Mr. Obama for acting as though he were posing for “a coin” and hailed MoveOn.org sardonically for “10 years of making even people who agree with you cringe."

Mockery is good medicine for many of our narcisstic, hypocritical, delusional politicians-and media pundits.

As the author of this article points out several times in the linked article, part of what Stewart is doing is taking the sadness and sickness of what goes on in our world and finding a way to get a little distance on it-turning it into medicine, if not into art.

I'm with you, Jon. The cliche is that most of us journalists are romantics who have been mugged. But few of us can delve into the darkness and coming out grinnng through our tears.

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