vendredi, juin 27, 2008

Why doesn't he get it?

Well, it turns out that perhaps he only "gets" information that accords with his own particular worldview.

As the authors point out in the article (see link), we reprocess information so many times that we can't always remember where we heard it.

Then we store it in our long-term memory-and it starts to seem like a fact. Whether it is, or not.

I find very few people who actually have the ability to look at an issue from both sides with any real objectivity. Or what seems like objectivity. It might be possible for us to train our brains to see the opposite point of view.

The incentive to do so would have to be really powerful.

As I've mentioned before, it is almost impossible to write an article without reflecting some bias. "Look at the kicker quote" said one of the journalist friends. That will tell you what the writer really thinks.

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