mardi, juin 24, 2008

No there there

I find it difficult to believe he actually said it.

Even if that what he really thinks, it was an unbelievably assisine remark to make to a reporter.

Charlie Black, one of John McCain's advisors, told a writer for Fortune that a terrorist attack would be good for the Republican running for the top office in the land this fall. Maybe this guy has missed seven years in which we couldn't capture Osama Bin-Laden in Pakistan and created a whole new group of terrorists in Iraq.

I guess Black was just being honest. And if it would be a good thing for the Republicans, what does that say about the party that has "led" us for the past seven years?

Of course, McCain disowned the comment. But it does demonstrate how scared the Republicans are-what ideas does they have to run on, if not those of fear?

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