mardi, avril 01, 2008

Remember the Ladies

Race and gender-how long can we keep this election 2008 pot boiling?

Accusing Obama surrogates of trying to shove Hillary Clinton out of the race, Ms. Cocco (see link) certainly makes a strong argument for gender bias. I particularly like her point about how much Hillary has done for the Democratic Party-I mean, really.

The problem is that it's really a chicken and egg issue-are the boys trying to get rid of Hillary because they don't want a female shimmying up that greasy pole, or because they are pledged to stand by their man? The fact is that there are simply many more men in politics, anyway-it's one of the few places where you can exercise real power, anymore.

This election has aroused so much passion in so many quarters that even the pundits are getting roiled-very exciting, and, in my opinion, a good thing for the rest of us. Let's put the advocacy back in journalism.

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