mercredi, avril 02, 2008

No offense, Alabama

Mea culpa. I've been known to make that Alabama comment meself.

Although maybe it's James Carville, with his "gift" for the quick quip, who should be apologizing to us, the ticked off citizens of Pennsylvania (see link above).

It's pretty refreshing to have someone who actually says what he thinks, though-although I'm not sure thinking had much to do with his original comment.

It's interesting that he mentioned Paoli-which is smack dab in area that was a haven for traditional Republicans and independents- and has seen an upswing in people voting for Democrats in recent contests.

I, on the other hand, live in "Alabama." I never thought I'd be comfortable in the deep South. But I find that I actually like it.

Seriously, though, here in Pennsylvania, the natives refuse to be pegged. Even around here on the exurban frontier, west of the Brandywine Creek, we've been known to root for the Steelers-after the Eagles were eliminated.

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