mercredi, avril 16, 2008

Are you what you eat?

I'm having a problem with my cat Inky. In a world of microtargeting according to choice of food (see link), he's a tough guy to pin down.

I tried the cheap store brand, and he mews piteously at it. Then I tried the more expensive fish food for upscale kitties, and he got even more bent out of shape. We have now gone back to the cheap crunchy brand. After he takes one bite, and I allow myself to feel a burst of triumph, he walks away to the window, where he can lust after the potential lunches with gray tails and feathers running across our lawn.

Barack Obama's in a heap of trouble because he made the bad mistake of talking about arugula in Iowa. Everyone knows that most people don't eat arugula in Iowa-or anywhere else, for that matter.

Seriously, I find it difficult to believe that the people running campaigns are really that prescient about what we eat-and can bet who they think we will vote for.

I have white and red wine on my kitchen shelves-not to mention microbrews on the floor. There might have been days when we had cheese stuffed pizza in the refrigerator, and stopped at Starbucks on our way to buy trout.

What does that make us-a household of Barack-leaning Hillary-voting Democrats with a Republican fetish?

I'll get back to ya on that. There's a huge sale on arugula at the Acme, and I don't want the other snobs to beat me to it.

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Sue a dit…

This post cracked me up today -- I'm still snickering as I type. Part of the reason is that it brought back a funny memory of Iowa and salad greens:

My best friend married an Iowan after attending college in the same state, and the wedding was to be held there. I was the maid of honor, so Don and I few out for the festivities. I spent a year there at the same college -- best friends stick together, but I couldn't hack it, not even for her sake. I left; she stayed.

She planned a simple, beautiful wedding ... but more to NJ standards than Iowan. The first course was a delicious salad -- spring mix, with many different greens (including arugula). Boy oh boy, you should have heard the farmers, actually verbalizing (loudly) their disgust (in the bride's presence!) and outrage for having been served WEEDS!

Thanks for the chuckle today. I know there was more depth to your post than just that, but I'm having that kind of day. :)

Offcenter a dit…

Thanks for the comment, Sue.

It might have been a mistake for your friend to serve weeds. I don't think they plant that kind of "weeds" in Iowa. I wonder if they imported them for your best friend's wedding?

By the way, having visited it, I can say that I think Iowa is a wonderful state. We don't have a lot of metrosexual farmers around Pa growing weeds, either (weed, perhaps).