mercredi, mars 12, 2008

Spitzer sermonette

Like practically everyone else with access to a newspaper, Jay Leno, or the Internet, I've been following the Eliot Spitzer saga with unrestrained curiosity.

A governor with a reputation as a campaigner against corruption-brought down by a very personal and pricey weakness for eclectic sex with call girls-surely someone right now is writing the screenplay.

Let's leave aside the tragedy here-because the destruction of his family is also Governor Spitzer's very personal responsibility.

What of the sexual politics of this unspooling tale, so much of which is yet to be told?

You gotta wonder why a Governor would have to, or want to, pay this much for sex. Many women simply find power an aphrodisiac, and would have no scruples about bedding the Governor of New York for free-or at least for a few cashews from the mini-bar.

And what about his loyalty to his position? As one escort service owner suggested on NPR this morning, it doesn't speak well of New York's first citizen that he felt he had to go out of state for a few hours of fun.

Then there is the more serious question-what lies, as it were, behind the Spitzer exposure?

If he is charged with the rather obscure crime of "structuring", is it because one of his enemies finally found a way to bring him down?

And, in the interest of sounding rather medieval (angels dancing on pins) we have to ask, once again, what kind of moral compass we want our politicians to have. Spitzer isn't the first guy to patronize prostitutes-although he is one of a select few who can take out a few thou from his bank account every now and then to pay for them.

I suspect that what we want, most of us, is some kind of evidence that politicians really believe what they say-whether the topic is the state budget or the state bedroom.

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