mercredi, mars 19, 2008

Sex in the (Capital) city

Barely had Eliot Spitzer shut the door of his Fifth Avenue apartment to meditate on his sins than the new Governor of New York, David Paterson, admitted to prior extramarital affairs.

Give us a break, guys. No wonder Bill Clinton and Rudy Guiliani figured they could reinvent themselves in the Empire State.

Imagine what it would be like if they got to together to trade tall tales.

On Monday I pondered the idea that New York attracts outsize characters. I now wonder if the they are outsize in more ways than one.

I've linked an article on the adulterous behavior of birds and beetles to this post in case you want to know more about the biology of adultery- as we've heard before, faithfulness is rare among most animal species, including ours. At the same time, however, unfaithfulness is often also met with condemnation, not to mention a push into the dung ball.

I'm sure New Yorkers are more than ready to move on to other affairs. Of state.

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