vendredi, mars 21, 2008

Good Friday meditation

As I looked at the veiled cross in the dim church tonight, I reflected on how little control we can grab over much of what matters to us most. The kind of parents we have. How long they are here. Whether we have children or not. Whether we are in New York working construction in a crane that was supposed to have been inspected-but was not.

If we thought about how vulnerable we are, of course, we probably couldn't get through our days. At the same time, it is helpful, on a day such as Good Friday, to be reminded.

So many of the sad events that occur around the world could be prevented if we acknowledged our desperate need for help-and if we took the responsibility for our neighbors health. We are called to this again and again by Jesus. Why is it so challenging? If a man had inspected the crane, instead of pretending he had, seven people would probably still be alive.

Jesus had to hang upon a cross to give us a visual example of what happens when we walk away from our responsibility. Who in your life has helped you carry your own cross?
Who has inspired you to help a neighbor or person you have never met make the unbearable a bit more bearable?

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