lundi, mars 03, 2008

How do you spell P-A-N-D-E-R?

Senator McCain may be another George Bush in "straight talk" clothing. The linked story reveals a man who tailors his positions to fit his audience.

We are shocked, shocked shocked.

Bush, who ran as a compassionate conservative, was not the man who took the oath of office.

This time one hopes independents who find the Arizona Senator appealing will do their homework.

The question is how indebted McCain is going to be to the right wing of his party, should he soften his hard edges enough to win against the Democratic candidate.

It will be interesting, too, to watch the debates and see whether he can restrain his allegedly volatile temper. Perhaps I am not resigned enough to the idea that, in Presidential campaigns as in other job searches, appearance is often more persuasive than truth.

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