jeudi, mars 06, 2008

High Risque Behavior

NB-This post is in the PG category.

Not as blue as the one I wrote on avatar sex-or as errr...contemporary. Our topic today takes a short excursion through old territory- guys trying to find new ways, by using mass marketing, of getting women to go to bed with them.

See the linked 'blog post (from the WaP0) above.

The Mystery Method ( is supposed to "put beautiful women under your spell." Based on the work of a former aspiring magician who changed himself into a Dr. McSteamy, the course, the book, the resources are supposed to help men date and seduce, or seduce and then date, beautiful women.

Best of all, ladies, this phenomenally popular course is supposedly based on a male understanding of female psychology.

About time guys tried to understand us, you say? But to what end?

Appear vulnerable, feign candor, men are told, with the use of various scripts-and women will fall into your boudoir like a line of dominoes. Or maybe you can lift them up and carry them.

The WaPo blogger, who has recently taken this course (research??) used this topic as a conversation starter. He got a range of reactions.

Some of them are hilarious.

I love the guy who posted about the downside of nerd reproduction.

Many are thoughtful. Having been the topic/ target of newspaper commenters, I was taken by the general quality of the posts.

As to the idea of teaching guys to act candid and open to pick up women? I wonder what they really learned about a woman's inner self-perhaps nothing more than that there are beautiful, dumb females everywhere.

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