mercredi, décembre 26, 2007

Coming home from the gym, the rain slapped heavily against the car windows. It glittered on the two-lane road heading towards the Creek, making it hard to see where the pavement ended and the grassy hummocks of the developments begin.

Safe at home, I hear it hitting the roof and glancing off the side of the house. On dating sites, people often, often write that they like to hide out in bed with their loved one or partner (or casual date) when it is raining. I marvel at this commonality-it must say something about human nature, as well as about our tendency to adopt cultural cliches. As children, we hid under the covers when we were frightened or needed to fell safe. As adults, we have decided we aren't safe on our own-we need someone else in there with us!

Guys also often write they want women who can look as good in jeans and a baseball hat as in a little black dress. In that respect, I fail miserably-too much hair for a baseball cap, and no little black dresses in my closet. Long black dresses? Yes. Short purple dresses? Sure. How come I never seem to give the right answers on the societal standards exam? I think it must be in part because I'm not even sure what the questions are!

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