lundi, décembre 24, 2007

At a party in a very nice, rather well-to-do part of Bryn Mawr on Saturday evening, waitstaff offered h'ors d'ouevres, and an pianist played Christmas songs in the living room. It seemed odd, against all of the 1920's faux-Tudor splendors, to be chatting with one of Heidi's friends about how one has to read the foreign press to stay in touch with the world.

So which ones does she read, I asked her, munching on salmon and eyeing my friend's refurbished kitchen. A teacher who had done international work with kids, she told me she reads The Times (London) and the Guardian. I like to steal a glance at The Independent when I have time.

Last night I found they have a whole set of pages on the environment-including an article on how most Britons intend to move towards a greener Christmas this year. That includes not using as much wrapping, recycling, and less waste. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our media was as proactive? I don't think we are as willing to admit that our decisions as individuals can change our environment.

Since I hate wrapping presents, that would be an easy one to give up. In fact, as I put Sian's presents in plain white boxes, I decided not to put wrapping on most of 'em. Just remember, dad and mom, where that paper ends up within about ten minutes-in a bag destined for the trash

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