mercredi, novembre 28, 2007

What we need

I wonder why, again and again, we prostitute our integrity to get what we think we want. Fame. More money than we need. Sex.

It's OK to want others to admire our work.

It's sensible to want enough cash to pay our bills-and maybe a trip now and then to France. (ok, so maybe that's not sensible, but it feeds our spirits).

We're sexual human beings and we crave physical release and emotional intimacy.

But why do we so often go after what we want by lying or cheating? Why do we abuse other people to gain what we think we need?

While online communication can facilitate intimacy, it can also abort and murder it.

Perhaps it is as simple as this Roseanne Cash song (quoted from memory)

We are ships in the night,
water deep in between,
air is freezing and we can't find the light,
so we sail off into a dream
when what we really want is love-
what we really need is love.

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