jeudi, novembre 29, 2007


At least it's entertaining watching the Republicans go at one another. Each riposte-get rid of progressive income tax, ban abortions completely, accuse each other of having a "sanctuary city" or "sanctuary mansion" seems a bit more inflammatory, and frankly, a bit more frivolous, than the one before.

Truly, in America, anyone can grow up and be deluded enough to think he would make a wonderful President-as opposed to the barker at your town carnival.

Gail Collins does a nice job of satirizing last night's debate in the article linked to this post.

One group of candidates is trying to scare you to death, the other seem like a bunch of school teachers lecturing us on avoiding the evils of excess.

It's occasionally intriguing to watch Hillary play dominatrix or John play (?) mad. But after a while, you begin to wonder what happened to all of the grown ups.

If it's true we get the candidates we deserve, what does this group say about us? Perhaps we should just let Oprah choose the next President.

Come to think of it...

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