lundi, septembre 17, 2007

While not really extravagant (it's hard to make large gestures at my income level) I do have a few little vices. I love buying makeup-perhaps it's because I almost never wore it when I was in college, or, as far as I recall, graduate school-as a Brooklyn girl, I couldn't compete with those women who learned about makeup as children, watching their mom. My mom was beautiful without makeup-it wasn't until she got ill that she even really thought about such nonsense.

So I like buying eyeliner and lipstick. I enjoy my English sweets. And occasionally I'll have a facial.

As an aspiring bohemian, I never thought I'd be tempted to stretch my credit card limit in a store selling pliers and nuts. Since I moved out here, however, I have been tempted by things no real femme fatale would even give a second glance.

Yesterday I walked through Home Depot. Silently the hoses called out-don't you need one of me for the front yard? I went into the craft aisle to buy a hammer-perhaps two would be better than one, since I keep losing them. And what of that alarm system with the light attached? How about that solar lantern?

I have an unhealthy addiction to solar-powered lights. It's amazing that I don't have about 40 around my house. It's a good thing, because only one out of every four I purchase seem to work.

Let's not talk nails, tiles, screws, pliers, a leaf blower (I've not used yet) lots of batteries, male and female attachments for hoses, and spouts for the gutters.

What drives my addiction?

It's my dream of being a mechanically competent homeowner, able to make small repairs without begging my friends to help me out.

Which I will do-the next time the wheel comes off my lawnmower. This time-thank goodness for my neighbor Colin, who graciously came over yesterday and put a new wheel back on. BUT I did figure out what kind of wheel was needed-and even bought it at a new hardware store I discovered.

I must go back there soon...they have the most wonderful little lanterns....

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