mercredi, septembre 19, 2007


For those of you who may think my interest in polyamory is more than journalistic-it is. Not that I want to become a practitioner. The thought of loving one man is more than enough challenge for this honky-tonk heart.

But part of my call is to tell the stories of those who don't have a voice in the mainstream already. Those who feel like they have to hide, to be ashamed, to have two lives so that they will not be punished for being unconventional.

I don't know why this is part of my vocation. At this point, I just accept it. Perhaps it was being raised by vital and charming matriarchs who took me on anti-war marches, had friends of different races and religions, and never questioned the need to stand up against prejudice.

So here I am, chatting with a trio on a Lancaster, Pa, playground, and trying to understand what led them to seek out each other-to try to love each other. Hoping, perhaps, in the prcess, that I might learn a little more about myself. Or, at least, to help you understand a little more about that which may incite, frighten, or tempt you. I don't know if I will, or if you will. But I know I am driven to try as the wind blows, the bees drink, and the stars shift in their courses across our night sky-understandable, but not always a matter of choice.

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