vendredi, septembre 28, 2007


Sometimes I think I run as an excuse for being so bad at yoga. Those tight hamstrings come in oh so handy when explaining why I can't bend, have an awful time arching, and really am a clod when attempting to curl into a cannonball.

I know-there is no such thing as being "bad" at getting into yoga postures. There's no competition-even when you notice the woman in front of you sweeping her head gracefully to the floor while yours is stubbornly hanging near your kneecaps. No self-criticism if your back refuses to form a graceful arch and if you put your hands anywhere near those ankles, you would just topple over.

Aside from having a back that sometimes reminds me that I have a few herniated discs, I tend to trust my body's ability to hike a state forest, or run up a tough hill, do rows and lat pulldowns. No one would confuse me with graceful, but fortunately I'm at the age now where that kind of grace isn't always required.

But when I do yoga, I am back in the body of the awkward teenage girl who fled into modern dance because ballet required you conform those pesky arms and legs into the proper alignment, and maintain classic form-while making it look easy.

As humiliating as it sometimes can feel, I will continue to pursue yoga (well, not pursue it, just practice it)-and work on my 'tude as well as my hamstrings. Who knows-both may become more flexible!!!

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