samedi, septembre 01, 2007

PS to Craig tale

Well, Larry Craig is no longer serving as a US Senator.

And apparently some gay rights groups think this is once again a good time to talk about how harmful the closet is, and how discrimination can compel some guys to have anonymous sex
in public or private spots.

But I'm guessing that ain't the whole story. Lots of hetero's love having sex in places like cars, restaurants, airplanes, and forests. I've even heard of hetero folks who like having sex in men's rooms.

Although it is true many gays still suffer discrimination, I don't think that we can blame sex in men's rooms on the closet. Heterosexual, homosexual, many men and women enjoy the spice of almost being found out in a compromising position.

Larry Craig's tale is farcical, tragric and devastating enough (just look at the photos of him with wife and daughter at the press conference) without using it as a means of seeming to justify a practice which makes moms like me, for instances, queasy each time we let our sons use a public restroom.

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