mercredi, mai 09, 2007

Suspended sentence

Being at Maimonides Hospital the past three days has been an experience in multiculturalism-mostly Orthodox Jews of many varieties. The women dress mostly in mid-calf dark-colored skirts. Some wear wigs, some wear scarfs. Modesty apparently is a cultural virtue. The men have long beards and large hats. Some wear prayer shawls, others yamulkes. My sister and I have been clueless in such an environment. My dad is Jewish, but you wouldn't know it by talking to us about Jewish customs. Asked my father's Jewish name, we looked at our interlocutor blankly. I'm embarrassed to say we could not even remember my grandfather's first name.

They took dad off the ventilator today. He is breathing on his own-though he still is very very sick. When I left (going home for a while) he opened his eyes and said "OK dear." I don't know if we made the correct medical decisions-when you do ever know? But dear God, it was so wonderful to hear his hoarse, soft, precious voice.

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Catherine + a dit…


Keeping you and dad in my prayers as promised.


Offcenter a dit…

Thank you, Catherine! Prayers are so comforting-and grace sufficient for us in our weakness.

The invisible cloud of pray-ers is much appreciated,